Hiroshima tram station – plan in N scale

I know I’ve mentioned this tram station before. I’m still really fascinated with this really cool tram terminal and it remains very high on my list of layouts I’d like to build some day.

Since Thursday, I’ve been sick with one of the worst cases of a flu I’ve ever had. I’ve had a lot of time, in and around the couch, to reflect on layouts, life and just about everything. Since I’ve been having so much fun with these micro layouts lately I figured I’d have a go at actually seeing how well it would fit into a micro layout space in N scale. I’m not really sure what scale I’d actually build my version in. I still have a massive collection of traction equipment in N scale but sometimes I think a copy in G might be really fun and could easily be done using LGB switches and crossings. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of the N scale version I drew:
In most of the smaller scales I think the biggest challenge will be building the diamond within the double-crossover. In particular, in N scale, this is some really finicky trackwork. Here’s a snapshot of the diamond to show all those finicky pieces of rail you’d need to cut and fit.
Of course, I’ve been looking around for an excuse to buy some of the tramway track that Andy Reichert has in his Easy Street track system. This stuff looks really cool on the website and would be much simpler, for me at least, than trying to fabricate all this from raw rail. For more info on Andy’s system, check out the website here:


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