Off centre turntable

I think this is really cool and I love how elegantaly simply it is in design. This turntable is used on a small N scale trolley layout and is used to both change direction and route for the trolleys that will be operating on this layout. The table is built using mostly a CD and it’s case and a bit of track. I’ve built similar sector plates but the idea this “off center” variation is really neat as a way to move trains from one track to the other.

Check out the video on Youtube:

Here’s how she built it:

And here’s the layout that the table fits into which really helps show how it will be used:

I like the layout and am just so fascinated by the little turntable. I really don’t have a use for one myself but think I’d like to put one together just to play with it a little.

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  1. Notice that in both plans, this layout has one of the most ingenious runaround arrangements I’ve ever seen … one end is a turntable, and the other is a sector plate! For more of Emrys Hopkins’s work, search his name in this site’s Index or go to his website. Or do both!

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