Catbus – really cool transit, type and design blog

I noticed the URL for the Lachine aerial I just posted about had a new, to me, domain and I couldn’t resist checking that out. I’m only a few minutes in and already I’m glad I did.

Catbus: Anton Dubrau’s blog about maps, transit ideas and implementations

A quick scroll through the blog seems to reveal that there should be quite an overlap of interest in subject matter here and I’m looking forward to digging back into his posts to learn more. I enjoy the exploration of data visualisation and mapping, not just as it parallels my day job somewhat but it’s also an subject that I bear an interest in that almost equals my obsession with trains.

Where to start on the blog, I’m having a blast looking at the data visualisations comparing New York subway routes and median household incomes. The visualisations are superb examples that should be held up as samples of how good mapping is done and how a properly prepared graphic can really help tell it’s own story. Here’s the link to this particular post, but seriously, check it all out:


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