Lachine Canal aerial photo from 1947

I remember some discussions in various railfanning and transit forums about the various collections of vintage aerial photography websites that are going online and the power of these libraries for those of us interested in particular railroads or prototypes long since a part of history. I didn’t have the time back then to start digging through these sites but always promised myself that I would remember to do so sometime later on. Luckily for me, a great friend sent me a note to check out this particular aerial and here’s the link so you can too:;45.49142789430309;-73.55162584049225

The photo is just so rich and of a resolution high enough to really focus in on the details. There are trains everywhere in this shot! I am convinced I can also see an MU train on one of the Central Station approach tracks, though that may be more my wanting to see it and it may just be coaches. The photo is actually an overlay of a Googlemap so you can pan around and it wasn’t long before I defected back to my favourite stomping grounds at Windsor Station.

I’ll stop rambling now. It’s time to check out the site and see what else is in there. I can’t wait. So much for getting off to bed!

Thanks Eric. This is really cool!


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