Ballast dried perfectly and that feels terrific

My patience has been rewarded this morning. I awoke to find that the glue has completely dried and the ballast is set in place with almost nothing coming loose. I thought I’d do a little subtle dry-brushing to start weathering the track. Until I settle on the final setting for this layout I won’t go much further into weathering the track.

It’s a beautiful day outside so I thought I’d take layout out and set in on the porch railing and get a few more photos of it after my light weathering. I tried dry brushing along the rail sides and where the rails met the ties with a rust colour. I’m not entirely sold on the final effect and may go over these areas with a more oily-brown colour later on to take away the reddish tones.

Now to polish those rails and run some trains.





  1. That is some nice-looking track, Chris. Better than what I usually do, which I would call Flextrack 1.0 :)

    I like the weathering, and it should be easy to change if you like a different shade. It really adds to the dimensionality and realism of the track structure!

    1. Thanks Eric

      I like the oil “weed control” around the frog and points. It feels like a detail I’ve often seen around prototype turnouts. I assume it’s just waste oil sprayed around these areas as weed control much like the old oil surfaced dirt roads. I wonder how old this practice is? If I was to backdate this all for the early twentieth century would it still be appropriate?

      As for the rust I may brush some brown toned over it to take away some of the redness.

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