Micro layouts based on prototypes?

My micro layout is based on one industrial loft complex shown in the photo attached to this post. I figure the prototype could have received lots of cars in and out and that would generate some interesting switching manouvers and traffic volumes. I wanted an industry that would appear to be doing so but wouldn’t appear far-fetched and fall prey to the paradigm we often comment on of industries that could never handle the volume of traffic we try to attribute to them on our model layouts.

There must be all kinds of different industries out there that would work well in the confined areas of a micro layout yet still be able to realistically produce volumes of traffic or handle cars better suited to small layouts. What are some other examples beyond my warehouses and lofts?

I am really attracted to the idea of injecting some prototype-based design into micro layouts. I enjoy reading Lance Mindheim’s articles on industries for shelf layouts and would like to explore similar concepts but in even smaller areas. I’m rambling too much with this post. What do you think?

Here’s a link to the Bush Terminals photo I mentioned above:

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