On elitism

I read this interesting blog post on elitism in the hobby of model railways and really liked it. I agreed with a lot of what the author is discussing and enjoy the discussion itself. Check out the post here:



The blog post was inspired by a quote from Deborah Bull:

Arts are practiced by elite artists, but are not intended for an elite group of people… …Everyone has the right to expand beyond their immediate horizons.

Isn’t that the great thrill of this hobby? I know it’s my favourite part, when I’ve tried something new and it’s worked out or I’ve found a way to make my models look even more like the real train, the thing that so fascinated me in the first place.

What do you think?

As an aside, I tried replying to the blog post but really messed that up. I’m okay with what I posted as a reply, I just feel like I missed the true point I was trying to make. Oops!

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  1. I thought you made a rather good comment, myself.

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