Montague freight shed in HO

I thought I’d start a building flat for my layout based on the freight shed that stood at Montague here on PEI. I’m still not entirely sold on an overall theme for my layout but thought this would be a fun project and it’s always fun to build a model. Since real estate is such a premium on this tiny layout I’ll only be modelling the front wall with a very thin sliver of each end wall and the roof section. I don’t like building flats and when I have used them in the past I always prefer them to be either the gable end wall or a full roof panel so this is a bit of a departure for me in that the roof ridge runs paralell to the layout side and I’ll only be modelling just the front few feet. I’m not sure how this will look but am willing to find out.
The windows are built up using Evergreen styrene strip. I’ve used 0.010″ x 0.020″ strip for the mullions and based the other sizes to be in line with that thin profile.


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