Montague Freight Shed photo update

I’ve been picking away at my freight shed model a little more this week and thought I’d post some photos here to share. As mentioned, the building is quite shallow at only 1/2″ thick. The roof ridge ran paralell to the track on the prototype and I’ve had to slice the building in front of the ridge. The finished model will sit on a pile foundation and I have two narrow loading docks to place in front of the freight doors. The next details I need to tackle will be the trim along the eaves, some cleaning up around the door and window casings as well as the little bits of board-and-batten siding above the freight doors. So far I’m really pleased with the structure. Making up my own board-and-batten siding was a bit tedious but I like the finished effect and making the windows was really worthwhile too.




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5 replies

  1. Looking great…. Wish I could do that in N Scale LOL

        Best Regards Phil Lat: 40.8367633  Long: -74.1768412  


    • Thanks Phil. This one’s in HO but I’ve done one already in TT and N using the same techniques. If anything I’m finding that adjusting to the enormous, by comparison, HO is taking some time for me.

  2. That’s rather nice, Chris.

  3. Brilliant work Chris.

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