GO Transit in 1:450 – cool!

I found a neat new blog tonight written by a T gauge (1:450 scale) modeller. He’s doing some neat work and like many in the T gauge scene he’s using Shapeways.com to print a lot of his stuff. Scrolling through his blog I saw this post and simply had to pause to reflect on what it is:
A New Tool (or Toy)

The blog post itself is about macro lenses for cameras but the big story in that post is a photo of a Bombardier bi-level coach just like those cars that make up the backbone of GO’s fleet. He also shows a test print of what looks like a MP40 shell. In his Shapeways shop he’s also got an FP7 shell available which could easily be modified to make a little 1:450 APCU (control cab). This is kind of fun to think about. A quick estimate would show that the coach would work out to just under two inches in length so a dozen cars would be two feet. You certainly trade off in how you design your layout but I’ll confess that it’s fun to think about a GO inspired layout in T. I bet you could easily model Hamilton’s Hunter Street station in about four square feet of space and have enough room to actually include the trains loading in the station as well as the layover tracks. With a little more imagination you could think about a model of Willowbrook too!

If you’re new to T; it’s currently considered the smallest commercially viable model railway scale. There are a few really engaged, albeit smaller, manufacturers already producing items in this scale and some terrific websites as well. If you’re curious to learn more about the scale, I strongly suggest starting here:

I’m going to bookmark his blog and keep checking in to see if anything comes of these models.


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