Turnout finished

I just finished tidying up from working on that turnout I started the other night and thought I’d post a picture of it here.
So the things that stayed the same as the other turnouts I’ve built include the code 40 rail, using those wonderful Fast Tracks brand ties and a Z scale one for the throwbar. I did add in a few extra ties around the frog area as well. The biggest change in how I assembled this one was in the order I added in the rails. This time I started with the frog. With that in place I laid the straight stock rail. After the rail came the point blade for the diverging route. Then the stock rail from the diverging route, then the remaining point rail and finally the guard rails around the frog. All in all, it’s an order I think I’m going to adhere to again. It was much easier to keep the individual rails in gauge and properly aligned. I also felt like I had a lot more room to work throughout the construction.

I also gapped my ties and periodically re-checked that I hadn’t compromised any isolated areas so I’m really pleased that at the end of the project I have a turnout that’s pretty much ready for the layout and I’m not chasing short circuits through it.


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