Byron Henderson’s Layout Vision

Two “Thanks Eric…” posts in a row and I’m having a lot of fun with both. The first, earlier today, was all coffee and music and here we go again. In a reply to that post he suggested I check out Byron Henderson’s Layout Vision blog and I’m in the first few minutes of doing just that.

I recommend starting where Eric recommended I do, at this post:
Double the fun (

The first part of the post is a neat article on multideck layout design and the post ends with an update on two bands he’s just discovered. Both bands are Scandinavian, the first covering that California surf sound and the second bluegrass. I grew up on a steady diet of surf music (thanks Dad!!) and don’t know where my love of all things bluegrass came from and have long since stopped wondering. My apologies for the tangent, I’m off to go check out more of their tunes and I’m probably only a few moments away from buying their albums.

Thanks Eric!

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  1. Just enter ‘music’ into Byron’s blog search box at top left – lots of music in his posts, Chris

    Long live bluegrass – favourite band so far “Monroe Crossing”. I was lucky to see them live in concert in Kingston and they were very talented instrumentalists! Sing Gravellly – Act Yokelly!


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