First Nn3 turnout

Just finished soldering this together: my first Nn3 turnout.
I don’t have a Z or Nn3 equivalent of the NMRA standard gauge that I use when building N or HO track but did make use of their printed standards and tolerances and just measured using a ruler and a little common sense. It’s built overtop a Fast Tracks Nn3 #6 turnout paper template.

Overall I’m really pleased with the turnout. It is functional and could easily be part of a simple Nn3 micro layout. Were I to build another I think I would prefer to use N scale ties instead of the Z ones. I feel like the Z ones are just too narrow.

I don’t have a layout or layout ambitions for it, but it’s awfully tempting to dig out some of the Nn3 rolling stock I built many years ago or at least some trucks to test this one out. Either way it was a wonderful way to spend a late evening and to make use of some stuff I already had around here.

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