New micro layouts update on Carl Arendt’s website

After Carl’s passing a group of volunteers stepped forward to maintain and update his incredible website on micro layouts. In addition to a tremendous catalogue of layout designs, Carl published a monthly blog of layouts folks were actually building. These Scrapbook pages are such an enjoyable example of the model railway community at it’s best and I’m really pleased that these too continue on. I just received an email from the website informing me that a brand new Scrapbook page has been uploaded and I wanted to promote it here:

If you have a minute check it out. Even if you’re lucky enough to be embarking on a much larger model empire I think there are some great examples in here on how to make the most of every square inch of your layout.

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  1. Excellent link and fun to look at the various layouts, Chris. I particularly liked Don Thomson’s Chessie System Geep switching the DRGW and NYC 40-foot hicube boxcars!

    Personal bias here – I’m way too impatient to operate some of these micro-layouts, ’cause my layout is large enough to have one or two units drag 6-12 cars around. Also, top-notch transformers/controllers are necessary to ensure low-speed operation so the operator doesn’t run out of track too soon, operating at higher speeds! Definitely enjoyable model railroading though.

    • It is a very different style of railroading. I completely agree with regard to having a good controller. I use one of Ken Singleton’s 851 handheld throttles. I don’t have his website here but search his name and 851 and it should be easy to find. Best throttle I’ve ever used.

  2. Chris, I just spent over an hour looking through the Scrapbook layouts! I got interested! I particularly liked these two: (scroll to bottom)

    showing the roundabout Harlem station examples. I liked the 40-foot reefers. These would also lend themselves well to a slightly-larger micro layout.

    Some very cool stuff on there that I didn’t think I would like as much as I did.

  3. Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Good to see the site still being maintained

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