Variations on Victoria Park

Ian’s 7mm scale model Victoria Park layout was designed to fit in a limited area. Working in a smaller scale I have a little more room to work in and I’d really like to have my station flow along a slightly more curved orientation much like the prototype Helensburgh Central. It’s surprising how much track this eats up when trying to fit turnouts on this long, lazy “S” curve. Here are some sketches I’ve been working on (and here’s hoping the pencil sketches are strong enough to appear nicely here):

has bridge VP-N

This first version is still a little too linear. It does alude to something I have been thinking of designing in and that’s having the station raised compared to it’s urban surroundings. I remain a huge AMT fan and love the way Lucien l’Allier is raised and the roadway that crosses underneath. I drew in a bridge here to represent something similar.

closer1 VP-N

I started trying to curve the line. Arranging the turnouts along these curves felt a little tricky and I quickly started to eat up space fitting in turnouts. I feel like I didn’t really use the space efficiently and actually made it more complicated which really sells out the elegance of the original plan.

almost got it VP-N

I had been starting my plans at the platform. This time I figured I should lay out the three turnouts into an efficient arrangement and see how they could be made to work with the platform design I want. The above shows that I’m getting closer and I’m feeling pretty good about this now.

closer VP-N

I don’t know how well the above would actually work but I sure like it. It’s just about exactly what I want in the finished plan.

My desire to have the plan curved as shown above is something I’d like to pursue for visual interest. As well, the layout will live in our living room. I think that with this orientation waiting commuter trains will be facing people sitting around the room and should look quite sharp. I’m also hoping that the area where the turnouts are located will be a little inboard of the platform and staging areas so when I’m looking at one I can’t see the other.


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