GO Transit decals for N – available NOW for purchase

I am really excited to write this post. I was on the Highball Graphics website today when I saw their announcement for GO Transit decal sets to letter just about any GO Transit diesel and all the sets are available in N.

This is huge news and something I never expected to be reading. Just check out these exciting listings:

Great for models using either the Life-Like first generation F40 or Kato’s later phase model

APCU and APU FP-7’s
Intermountain’s beautiful FP7 for a powered model or to have an unpowered model in line with the prototype start with Model Power’s though I’m not sure how hard it would be to work with that metal shell Model Power used or how free-rolling it is. I was always tempted to stretch a Kato shell, though something in me always wants to pursue the harder road.

GP40’s both the -2W widecabs and the ex-Rock Island units
The Atlas GP40 is an obvious starting point here being plentifully available, un-matched smooth running and a beautifully detailed model. I had one of these and sold it for not much money at all when I started to give up on ever modelling GO in N.

Kaslo produced a beautiful kit for this model and they are still available.

So, now we just need coaches. Athearn hasn’t produced their Bombardier cars in a long time though they have teased us with several “announcements” to re-run them in the future. Of course, with this excellent announcement in N for the decals you should be able to piece together these sets to repaint the Athearn cars no matter which scheme you find and purchase. For the single-level cars you’re still on your own but they might not be as tricky to build as first thought and the trucks, at least, are available from Kato.


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