East Lynn & Nunstanton’, by Trevor Nunn

I’ve heard about this layout before but had only ever seen a photo or two. Then, this week, I found a video of it on the British Railway Modelling Magazine YouTube channel.

The layout is built in S scale (1/64). References to it often remark on the high standard of workmanship and the smooth running of the models. Watching this video both of these are obvious. This must be one of the smoothest running layouts I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the video:



  1. Having played with both layouts many times, I can tell you that it does run very, very smoothly: most errors are down to the operators (including the occasion when my father-in-law misunderstood the wiring, and managed to send a loco into the turntable pit whilst another was being turned. All this in front of the then most senior rail safety manager in the UK..!)
    I have experienced one better running layout, which was in Scale7, but the owner of that opus has since seen sense and returned to S!


    1. I agree. As I mentioned in my post, it must be one of the smoothest running model railways I have ever seen anywhere. More than that though, I like the plan. It’s a superb use of space and a real inspiration for what can be accomplished.

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