Wonderful 19th century modelling in HO scale – Ott Studios

I don’t even know how to begin to describe the modelling and the website for Ott Studios. I’m going to keep this post really brief since I’d really rather you read this down far enough to see the link and click on that and just start checking the work out for yourself:

The author describes three different HO scale layouts he’s built. We use terms like “showcase” and “feature” often but his work is amazing and provides an excellent opportunity to appropriately use the term showcase correctly. Each layout is based on one distinct concept and all three are based in the late 19th century or darned close to the turn of the century. The models are a superb collection ranging from scratchbuilt to modified proprietary models. He has done a superb job of recreating extremely complex paint schemes on both the freight and passenger cars. His current layout is titled the Miskatonic Railroad and I wanted to quote from his web page to really highlight what you can expect to see: “Up to now, it has largely been an exercise in modeling 19th-century freight and passenger cars. I’ve been experimenting with making my own decals and printed car sides.”

The above is quoted from:

I was already in awe of his work, and then on the page above I started scolling through the page and came across the photos of his passenger car models. Borrowing his words again: “Until the dreaded Eastlake style simplified everything in the late 1880s-1890s, passenger cars were ostentatiously decorated with gilt, paint, carving, and marquetry in order to show off the host railroad’s financial well-being, attract patrons with superficial luxury and finally, to distract them from the very real discomforts of late 19th century train travel.”

If you’re still reading this post, stop, click on the links and check out the Ott Gallery. I sure am glad I discovered it and will be adding a link to the sidebar here.

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