Neat old flat cars at Stellarton

On the way home from a wonderful vacation in Nova Scotia and with a tiny bit of time before we needed to catch the ferry back to the Island so I took a quick trip into Stellarton and the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway (CB&CNS) yard to see what was around. The yard itself was full of cars which was terrific to see. I had intended to photograph some of carbon black cars present but instead got distracted by a string of vintage flat cars at the west end of the yard. They looked like they might have been in pulpwood service but also old enough that only for captive service. They were neat to see and I thought I’d grab a few photos.

I didn’t recognise the TRAX reporting marks they were all lettered for but see that it’s one of the sets of initials OmniTRAX and it’s component railroads use.



  1. Looks like an American prototype, Chris – I don’t think too many Canadian ones had the cut-out bulkheads. In Port Hastings in 2002 during our Eastern trip, TRAX 10247 and a sister were on a spur between out hotel and the water. Orange-painted, they look like they had been carrying, well, landfill.


    1. I was thinking that, that car looked like an American one too. I really reminded me of a car that Walthers used to sell models of in HO scale. I think that Walthers referred to the car as a GSC flat car?

  2. I love the pictures of the old rail lines. The other week in Chicago I was amazed on how much newly painted graffiti was present.
    I grew up in Del Mar, CA. we had our own little am-track stop. I am sure this is not a good link, but I hope it works for you.

      1. no. it is only a pass thru now. the next town up of Solana Beach, California is where the stop is now. It is just a museum. I took the train there a couple times up to Anaheim and San Francisco. But the commuter trains still go by several times a day all down to San Diego and back.

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