The great, small layout, giveaway

With the new layout underway I think it’s time to find a new home for my HO scale microlayout. It’s predecessors, the two I built in N scale, both went into the waste bin but I’d really like to find a home for the HO scale one. I had a lot of fun getting it to it’s current stage of completion and just as much operating it. I think it could be equally fun for someone else.

I laid all the track with code 55 rail so it could also be a great introduction for someone curious about finer standards and tolerances. I’ve used NMRA’s standards for the track so it will work with most HO scale models.

The base is made from foam core. This layout and the two N scale ones were my first forays into really trying this medium for layout “benchwork” and it’s a material I’d happily recommend to anyone else contemplating a small layout. It couldn’t be easier to cut, shape and fasten using the most simple and inexpensive tools. For the modeller with no workshop and no tools I really strongly recommend considering this approach. I used a steel ruler for as a cutting edge and you cut it with an simple utility knife.

I am not including rolling stock or the controller. The turnouts are “live” and of course all that wiring remains intact so to power up the layout simply attach the leads from your controller and you’re ready to go.

The layout itself is six by thirty inches in size and also has a nine inch long cassette that plugs into one end to extend the switching lead and also make it possible to turn a train so the trailing siding can be switched out.

I’m giving away the layout but am asking for it’s new owner to cover the cost of shipping. Based on some generic postal and zip codes I checked using the Canada Post shipping calculator I expect the postage to cost approximately fifty dollars. If this sounds reasonable, drop me a line. Here’s a sample of photos taken during the layout’s construction showing how it was built and how it appears today.



  1. Beautiful work; is the layout still available? Are you willing to ship to U.S. If so please estimate charges to ship to zip code 77345.

    Steve R.

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