Saturday morning track planning

Last week I cut and installed the top on the new layout’s benchwork. I’m quite proud of the stunning tribute to “Good one side” plywood” and drywall screws that it’s become – despite this it actually looks quite nice. I’ve promised myself that my goal for the layout this weekend is to get a finish applied to the woodwork. However, resisting the temptation to dig out some rolling stock and start planning is too great to not indulge in.

Armed with a mug of tea, a pair of turnouts I built, and my ruler and tape measure I’ve been seeing how things will fit. The current top of the table is 18×44″ in total size. The layout itself will actually be built with it’s own lightweight frame to rest on top of this cart. I intend the layout to overhang each end. When in place, I feel it could stretch to sixty or even seventy-two inches in total length and still not look too out of place or akward. The height of the tabletop is forty-four inches from the floor and I quite like how this feels. I anticipate the layout will be a further three or four inches above this and it’s quite a nice height to work from and should be a joy during an operating session.

I took some photos of the layout this morning, as it is and thought I’d share them here. Starring in these shots are a string of boxcars from my Dad’s Sorry Valley Railway collection. I’ve grown up with that layout and it’s so neat to be using them while planning this line. Cooler still is that a couple of them have been in Dad’s collection for almost forty years. In some ways, it feels so fitting that they’ve been a part of the development of the SVR and here they are now helping me visualise how to use this space.

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