Quick layout update

Good morning

Finally time to report on some layout progress. Nothing that really makes for an interesting photograph but all will likely appear in a later update. Here goes:

I’ve attached the casters to the layout base. I’ve used one pair of fixed and one pair that will swivel. For the first time I can now move the layout around and it’s no longer resting on it’s temporary feet. While only a tiny acheivement, it feels much bigger.

Pictures of the layout so far have shown the top. Over this I’ve added a second layer of half-inch plywood and one inch of foam. The extra layer of plywood is completely unnecessary but will make it easy to replace this layout should I ever want to try something completely new in the space. I’ve recycled benchwork before and scraping foam and scenery from a layout top can be a pain. With the approach I’ve adopted here, I can just unscrew the top and remove the complete layout in one piece leaving the structure completely intact. Speaking of foam, I’ve noticed that half-inch extruded foam is significantly more inexpensive than the one inch and thicker layers I’ve used in the past. I don’t know why I never noticed this before and owe a thanks to Alistair for pointing this out. Of course, laminating together these two layers and the plywood really needed some decent clamping pressure. Luckily the whole layout is easy enough to flip upside down so it can be used to apply a nice and even load over the foam-plywood sandwich. As I key this, this is how the layout looks – upside down in my dining room.

I feel really close to actually starting some track and I can’t wait. I’m pretty excited.


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