Back to (little) big pink

The layout is now on it’s wheels and the glue has long since set on the plywood and foam sandwich that comprises the top. Tonight I uprighted the layout and I’m getting back to enjoying pushing little paper templates of track around the layout’s surface. I feel like I have a plan in place that I really quite like and it would be in N scale.

As sure as I am that it will be N, that need to try something in a larger scale is almost impossible to quell and the closer I get to settling, the more anxious I get as I ponder if I’ve made the right choice or not. Many great thinkers from Ian Rice to Sherlock Holmes have opined on how you distill your options down to the few that are practical and that becomes your result. The urge to upset that obvious course is too indulgent to ignore.



  1. If you want to dabble in another scale but keep the N scale track geometry, try HOn30. Many industrial lines used 30 inch or less. Some (as in Main 2ft) railways used these narrow gauges for regular railroads in more remote areas. I have found that, other than track spacing, all the geometry is pretty much the same and I can fit a lot in little space.

    1. Good afternoon. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your post. I agree with your comments on HOn30. I have collected and built a number of models in HOn30 and the English OO9 equivalent. I had a lot of fun collecting the kits and building the models. The timing of you comment was really neat as I found myself thumbing through my collection of Maine Two Foot Quarterly magazines as well as newsletters from the different Maine narrow gauge groups. It has been a while since I took a look to see what was available for HOn30 and in many ways it feels, regrettably, like the market has shrunk further still from where it was when I last toyed with it.

      I’ve really caught and continue to nurture an interest in TTn3.5 “NZ120” as they call it in New Zealand where the scale and gauge combination is really popular. As the name implies, models built to either 1/100 or 1/120 scale and operating on 9mm gauge (N scale) track. I have a few structures and pieces of rolling stock modelled after the narrow gauge equipment that ran here on Prince Edward Island. I’d love to build a layout in TTn3.5 and likely will.

      It was great to see your comment. I’m a fan of your work.

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