Bayview Junction, Hamilton, ON Canada 8-16-86 PT 2

Superb video of some of Canada’s finest railroading. Lots of great LRC train footage and one train of Tempo coaches. For the VIAphile there’s lots of blue and yellow and MLW passenger power too. I’ve been lucky enough to do a little railfanning at Bayview but wish I could have at this time.

I see the same YouTube channel features several similar videos all from Hamilton and Toronto and all from the same date. Well worth watching if you havens spare few minutes.


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  1. Did somebody say VIAphile? Yes! LRC, RDC, Tempo, B&Y, FPA4, even a 9300-series baggage if my eyes did not deceive me, ahead of a club car. Lots of nice footage from inside ‘the triangle’ too. My one and only visit there was in 1981, though many of the trains are very similar to what we saw. Thanks for sharing this link, Chris!

    • Quoting from Doctor Who: “I know!”

      As I watched the video I kept thinking things like: “Wouldn’t it be be neat if…” and then it would appear. That LRC engine leading a string of Tempo coaches was awesome!

      Elsewhere from the same channel, in a video that I think was titled something like Railfanning Southern Ontario part 2 is even more similar content and train, after train, after train of GO equipment all being propelled by GP40TC’s.

      Until discovering the Train Town Toronto video earlier this week I had never considered that VIA and GO footage from these personal favourite periods in time could exist and now I’m ever so hungry to see what else might exist.

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