Layout plan

I’ve been posting photos of progress on the layout but so far, not a plan to illustrate where this is all going.
As some of the photos show, the layout sits proud of the table surface it’s built over. As noted in the sketch, this gives me a nice ledge to lean on or place a mug of tea. The odd shape of the window area in our living room really dictates what the final baseboard shape will be and some of that shows in the sketch too.

As track plans go, it’s really not the most Earth-shattering in terms of innovation. I started with a traditional 3-3-5 Inglenook plan. I really like the variations that Ian Futers built with the kickback siding on the five car track and I’ve adopted it here. While glueing down the cork I noticed I could probably fit a fourth siding in place that would run paralell to the back of the layout and provide one extra place to spot some cars.

I haven’t settled on a theme yet. It will be set during the late-1970’s and Canadian. This station is one of those that is the terminus on the branch, even if it wasn’t always so.

There are thee sidings marked “Public” and these are all car spots to either load or unload cars. I don’t have plans for Public 001 and 002 and would leave these as blank sidings we often refer to as “team tracks”. Public 003 could have a building on it, something like a small framed warehouse like the one in Mount Albion, PEI.

If I were to adopt a more PEI-centric theme then this same siding would be a terrific place for a classic PEIR icon: the PEIR standard plan freight shed. I’ve already built these as a false front (in HO) and a full building in TT. I don’t have either of these models today but here are some photos I took:

I have been thinking about a station located at the entrance to the sidings, behind the turnout for Public 003. When I thought about stations, obviously something like the one I had been working on in TT based on the PEIR standard plan would fit and look terrific.

I’m sure the theme will settle itself without my trying to resolve it. Right now, I should really get the thing ready for it’s first visitor. Taylor’s coming over tonight to see it and I hope there’s enough here to really be worth seeing.


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