Layout update

On the heels of the track plan post, here’s a quick overview of what I’ve got done and what I think I want to work on next.

I have the main switching lead installed. The rails are soldered in place and the turnout for Public 003 is finished.

On my micro layouts I had mounted DPDT slide switches immedately below each turnout. This layout is much thicker and that mount won’t work. I could easily route out a short section of foam and install that same electro-mechanical linkage to operate the turnout remotely. I’m not worried, somehow this will work itself out.

Those code 55 rails still look terrific to me. If nothing else about working in a larger scale, the ability to really built lightweight track is one advantage that deserves more promotion. I wish I had been able to fit a plan into this space in S that I was content with and how much lighter I could have made the track.

The electrical leads are also all in place for all the rail I’ve laid so far. I still need to drill through the layout so I can route these wires properly.

Last night I glued down most of the remaining ties. I need to sand these and get some colour on them.

The next turnout to build is that semi-curved one behind Public 003 and leading into Public 001 and Storage 001. This turnout is straight at the frog-end but may be slightly curved at the point end.

I need to build up the area along the back of the layout.

I really need to get a fascia added to the layout. The foam and plywood looks terrible. Regrettably, this will have to wait until wiring and the turnout controls are in place.

Now, enough typing and it’s time to get something actually done on the layout.


One comment

  1. I like the last line in your post, Chris, about enough typing! Torn between blogging and working on the layout. The process seems to be working itself out well – a blend of the anticipated and the unexpected. Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress so far. It may seem a bit routine right now, but I hope you’ll look back on these posts with good memories. Great to be along for the ride!

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