Better than the black cart – couldn’t be better in fact.

Last fall I started work on a small HO scale switching layout. I needed to get a layout underway and a quick survey of my own personal hobby shop showed I had more than enough stuff to try something out in HO. By the end of fall I had it well underway and as Christmas approached I was pretty close to having the track in place and basic wiring completed. As pleased as I was with how it was coming along I was also starting to become aware of how it wasn’t really what I wanted. My focus on the layout had been absorbed by its construction and lacked true vision for its development.

Last December, I was here. Track is in place and I can run trains.

Last December, I was here. Track is in place and I can run trains.

After a Christmas and New Year’s fueled break away from layout construction I found myself, coffee in hand, musing over the next projects to complete on the layout. I started thinking about operations and the future. The gaps between what I had designed and built and what I wanted for myself were a little more obvious. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of taking this one down or having to account for its “failure”. On a whim I asked if anyone from our local train club might be interested in it. I was thrilled when Taylor expressed an interest in taking it on.

Fast forwarding to now and I see Taylor has been really doing some amazing work on the layout since taking it on. He has added to its length and doubled the amount of track in use. Where I had Prince Edward Island branchline railroading in mind, Taylor’s re-branding it with a distinctly rural Quebec theme. Looking at the earliest photos he’s posting on his blog, I think he’s going to be really succesful. He’s just posted his third update on the layout and I really encourage you to take a moment and check in on how it’s coming along.

From Mount Albion to the Gaspé.
Click on this photo to visit Taylor’s blog and check on the latest progress.

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  1. Thanks Chris,
    I really appreciate your more than kind words. I’m happy with how its coming along too. Unfortunatly this was a slow week and I haven’t touched it since the last update.

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