The plan

To go along with the progress photo I thought I’d sketch out a quick plan to share as well. I’m basing this on Option B from my Lake Verde Junction post. Here’s the drawing I posted earlier:

1955 Aerial over Lake Verde

1955 Aerial over Lake Verde

I really liked the idea of modelling traffic destinations at points off the layout, effectively turning running tracks into “on layout” staging locations. Here’s the plan:
The plan's Inglenook origins are pretty obvious in the 3-3-5 car siding lengths and two turnout design.

Here’s the plan

What I struggled with was the short length of the three car siding. It felt too short to fit with my vision of a lazy, rural branchline and the sort of locations where sidings would be few and generally designed to store longer strings of cars. Then it occured to me that I could actually incorporate a detail from many locations across Prince Edward Island where a road bi-sected a siding track. In this way, I can actually stretch the two three-car sidings to a slightly longer length if needed but also play off train movement rules across that same road. Maybe it’s just me, but I think this is a neat idea.

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