Grading begins

Roadbed in place for the main and tapering down to the public siding.

Roadbed in place for the main and tapering down to the public siding.

It’s Saturday morning. We have Yellow Submarine playing on the stereo and I’ve brewed a rather large coffee. Yes indeed, ladies and gentleman. we are marching onward toward laying the first rail. As the photo shows, the roadbed for the main track is in place and I’ve also installed the piece for the public siding. Sanding the transition down from the main onto the siding has been slow but I think I have a nice long grade that I can more than live with. If I had this to do over again, I would have shaped this section of roadbed off the layout before glueing it down.

I also cut the first length of flex track to length. Feed wires are soldered in beneath the rails. I had read several modellers suggesting a spray camouflage paint as a base colour for track. I picked up a can of this paint made by Krylon and used it to paint this first length of track. I’ve never used Krylon before (I’m a Tremclad and Rustoleum man) and found it to be a really nice, fine paint. It sprays nicely and it’s easy to build up a nice finish. I have traditionally used Humbrol’s “Track Colour” or Floquil’s “Roof Brown” as the base coat for my track colouring and this Krylon colour is fairly close. The finish is, as the can says, dead flat.

With any luck I may stick in this first bit of track today. It feels like a real proclamation in favour of progress. I like that.

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  1. Cedar shingles work well for slight grades and easements too Chris. Be sure to take a photo of the whole thing I can’t picture where this grade is supposed to fit in

    • Thanks for the tip on the shingles. I’ve used them before but was too lazy to try then again here.

      I need to break out the better camera. Especially once I start sticking down track.

  2. Much has been written about The Last Spike. What about The First Spike or The First Rail? Keep us updated, no matter which camera, Chris!

    Inspired, having returned from Kingston’s Rail-O-Rama this morning. Found some finds, picked up some reading material. Had some time to check out the operating layouts in all scales. Took two grocery store shopping bags and filled them both before returning home aboard Kingston Express.


    • Thanks, Eric. I think you’re right about the first rail. We do see a lot of those staged “first sod turning” shots but what about the guys who actually followed close behind to grade the roadbed and place those first few ties.

      I remember you mentioning the Kingston show before and I’m really fascinated by it. It seems like such a terrific place to collect paperwork and those prototype pieces I know I really enjoy. We don’t really have anything like that here in Atlantic Canada.

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