Also on my “to do list” for the layout is to pause to install some sort of adjustable leveller to each leg to help deal with variations in the height of the floors in our century home. For a little while I could mess around with stacks of cardboard to shim things into level but I’d like something a little more professional.

The first instinct is to just buy some T-nuts and simple bolt-style adjustable feet. These are common and cheap. I’m a little worried that I might not have enough material in the 1×2 I’ve used for the leg to accomodate the room for these nut and bolt combinations. More that the room, I don’t have a drill press so to use these I’d be trying to drill into each leg a perpendicular hole. I might be able to do this once or twice, but eight times?

While browsing through the Richlieu hardware catalogue I started to dream about some sort of outrigger-style leveller. I couldn’t find them at Richlieu and that’s probably just me not knowing the correct search terms. I did find them on a UK website for Station Road Baseboards. Not inexpensive but almost exactly what I was picturing.

I’m wondering if I could cobble together something similar from stuff I already have? That said, the theme for this week is agile layout construction and this may be a moment where I just need to throw a few dollars at a proprietary solution just to maintain momentum.

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