The one week anniversary update

It’s already been a week since the first sawdust fell from my table saw, marking the beginning of this adventure.

I haven’t decided on my workaround for the foam but am leaning toward one of the variations that use 1″ foam. I have some on hand already so these options appeal to my more frugal nature. Progress over the past few days has been of a more material nature. I bought some cork roadbed and a bundle of code 55 track. I have more than enough code 40 on hand for this layout but still haven’t settled on a resolution to the flange issue. Flanges striking the spikes on the code 40 track is the other issue I don’t have a resolution for. In the spirit of completing this thing I’m adopting a more “agile” layout construction approach. The Micro Engineering code 55 track looks terrific and the extra 0.015″ in rail height is just enough to clear most modern N scale flanges so it really takes the pressure off of converting models until I can develop a method that I’m content with. Since I’m using taller rail, I’ll need to make up a few turnouts. Well, the three I plan on needing. This afternoon I laid out the ties for the first turnout and may try to get this one completed tonight.

March break is over now and I’m back in the office so time isn’t as plentiful but I hope to strike off one little project at a time to make sure I keep moving forward. I’m keen to run a train and eager to realise this goal sooner than later.



  1. I think you have the correct take on the practicalities of the track. It’s more important to get things running than torture ‘ones’ self on the finer points of rail code sizes. Momentum is the key here and out are keeping that going admirably. Work is always a bummer but need not suck all ones time. I have learnt to be creative in my work time management, but know exactly what its like to feel drained by it to the point of not being able to carry on work on the modelling projects so I am thankful for my break from the SPRINTS and stand-ups! ;) Do you have a lathe? as turning down the flange would be an option? Get yourself joined up with 2mmSA if you haven’t already..

    Rolling, rolling, rollin’

    1. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I appreciate it.

      The decision regarding rail size is also nicely made easier since both options are really on the heavy side for the style of railroading that tends to attract me. I figured that if both were a bit too big why not just go with the one that gets things running faster? The decision suddenly became easier.

      I don’t have a lathe but would like one. With no room I think I might be pushing my luck even working a small one in the dining room.

      I haven’t joined the 2mm Association yet. I want to. I am really attracted to the FS160 adaptation of the 2mm standards and looking into the future it’s a standard I’d like to adopt. To make that leap there’s no doubt 2mm membership will be useful.

      Have you had a chance to work on your plans yet?

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