Twenty minutes and about as many dollars

There’s a time for action. This evening played host to one of those moments and I have a little more progress to report.

I bought a sheet of 1″ foam at Kent this evening. I’m pleased to report that I’ve sectioned through the sheet and it is pretty darn close to 1″ thick throughout. The inconsistent thickness problems I was having with the 1/2″ foam are now a problem of the past. In the name of progress, I’m just going to cut the foam to fit into the existing recess and let it stand proud rather than try and reduce its thickness to sit lower. I plan on facing the layout with a nice veneer when done and I’ll just make it a little taller to overcome the extra foam thickness.

Before I started looking into various ways to level the legs of a model railway, I just never realised how many options there are. I still think that a U-shaped bracket with a bolt through it is the way to go but it also felt a little overcomplicated for my immediate need and, in the end, the simple T-nut and carriage bolt option won out. While at Kent, I picked up eight T-nuts and a like number of carriage bolts. The evenings are getting just a bit longer and between snow and rain, I stole enough minutes to drill out all eight legs. I discovered that the threads on several of the T-nuts I bought weren’t cut properly and they just don’t thread nicely. Rather than fuss with them I’ll just buy a couple of new packages. They are pretty inexpensive and for the price, not worth worrying about. Because of this, I wasn’t able to level both modules but I now have one finished and I’m pleased with the decision to use the T-nut solution. Adjusting the carriage bolts is a bit of a pain but, really, how often do I need to do this?

Looking forward to the weekend I need to buy the extra nuts and bolts. Once those are in place and the second module levelled I can cut and glue in the foam. It’s really tempting to glue in the cork and stick down one length of flex track so I can run a train. Yup, that would be nice.

All that foam I’m not using? We have some nuisance home repair projects to complete and likely this will just get fed into those. Everything goes somewhere.

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