A few more check boxes ticked

I’ve just finished screwing in the final four carriage bolts and now both modules are levelled and sitting at their final height (track at 52″ from the floor).

I’ve also cut out the second piece of 1″ foam to become the deck on the second module.

I started this weekend with a list of jobs to complete on the layout and now think I could have been a little more aggresive in the design of the list since in the wee hours of Saturday morning I finished two out of the three items on that list.

I need to settle on a plan to mechanically connect both modules. In the past I’ve been a real fan of using hinges laid flat across the joint between the modules. It’s simple and easy to use and I’ve been planning on doing this again. While researching leg levellers I discovered a number of different firms who specialise in model railway benchwork, professionally, and on their sites have been introduced to some new ideas. I’ve seen several folks who are using combinations of shelf pins and cam locks and like the idea. I particularly like the shelf pin ideas for their ability to really properly align the modules.

Looks like I need to settle on the final track locations and could even start putting down some track. This is really exciting. I may actually be running trains this weekend.

I can hear the rest of the family starting to wake up and perhaps I should get some breakfast started. It’s a warm and sunny Saturday here on the Island, a day we’ve certainly earned. Time to brew some more tea and get this weekend into action.

While I’ve got this post open, welcome to a few new subscribers. Thanks for sharing an interest in these things that amuse me so much. Welcome aboard.



  1. Thanks for keeping us updated in your last few posts, Chris! A nice balance of layout construction, enjoying some tea, and that darn shovelling. Our snow is largely gone here, but I can certainly empathize, since we’ve had a ‘good old-fashioned winter’.

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