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I’ve been taking my own advice and carving out little blocks of time and as a result, making some small progress on the layout. Compared to the first week’s work, it doesn’t feel like I’m covering as much ground but I’m pleased to be inching still closer to running a train.

Last week I was armed with some bundles of Micro Engineering flex track and some printed templates. Over coffee, I shot this photo:

I’ve been sticking down some cork and the first two lengths of track are in place. I’ve also stuck down the balance of the ties for the turnouts. Speaking of the two turnouts I’ve soldered in the wire leads to power them. The only job remaining on the turnouts is to hook up some sort of linkage to move the blades.

There’s still a little filing left to do at the rail joints too but I can push a car around the layout. As soon as I plumb in some bus wires I’ll be able to power this thing up.


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