Modern trackside details

I had a chance to spend the afternoon in Moncton afternoon and was lucky to be able to spend some time exploring along the different industrial spurs still in place around the city. While I’ve never been one to not take advantage of an opportunity to go trackside and explore the environment in which railroads operate, I find that as my current layout interests shift toward modelling the modern era it is interesting to see things and reflect on how they could be incorporated into my layout. It’s a fun contrast in approach to a more research-based approach that has followed me through the hobby to date. I was smart enough to bring along my camera and also fresh batteries (yup, I’m one of those folks who can seldom coordinate things so that I have both, with me, at the same time). I took a lot of pictures and wanted to share some here. Most of these were taken at various points on the CN spur that runs along Beaverbrook Street in Moncton. Rather than try and post them all into one massive blog post I figured I’d craft a small post for each to concentrate the ideas.

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