Same great crossing. Just half the track.

This is a feature of many modern sidings and it’s something I feel I’ve seen in a number of locations across Canada. This particular crossing leads to a truck loading dock. Originally, as you can see, two tracks crossed this road but over time one of the sidings was removed. The other remains in use and the entire crossing has been left in place. When I started laying down track and thinking about elements I wanted to include in my layout, I knew that this was a detail I wanted to include.

I’m often looking for ways to extend my railway beyond what is modelled. In terms of track and trains, the answer is staging. But a model railway is more than just track and trains and I’m keen to identify opportunities to extend the layout’s story beyond the plywood. Perhaps a subtle detail like this addresses the contrast between those businesses that perservered while economies changed and those that didn’t. This simple detail is a chance to tell their story and subtly inject a little more personality in the fictional spur I’m building in N scale here at home.



  1. Good eye, Chris. At our nearby Invista nylon plant, the storage track for inbound cars was shortened, with the no-longer-used roadbed converted to a drainage ditch away from the plant. The crossing is still in place over the plant driveway, with wheel-stops just before the crossing. Most modellable.

    A recent stop at our nearby Coffee Trends included a new variety called Cowboy Coffee. The Van Houtte variety from Starbucks is very good, too! Both in use during this weekend’s surfing sessions.
    Happy Easter to you and your family! Has the snow gone?

    1. Good morning, Eric

      Happy Easter to you and your family too. I think I may have tried the Cowboy Coffee but not sure. Recently I purchased a box of Nabob’s K-cups. The coffee is quite nice but I find the packaging to be really too much. Each pod is individually packaged in its own plastic package inside the box.

      Anyway, back to trains.

      I took a look on Google Maps and Streetview for the Invista plant. I see there are two but eventually found the crossing you were describing. This is another terrific example of exactly what I was referring to and what I’d like to include on my model. That storage track and the fan of sidings just west of that decommissioned crossing would itself be great fodder for a layout eh?

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll post a follow-up to this post to show off the Invista entrance. It’s great stuff.

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