Wheel stops required

These particular wheel stops protect that railroad crossing I shared a photo of earlier.

On my model railways past, I’ve been using Miniatures by Eric or Juneco wheel stops “forever”. The wheel stops in the above photo aren’t at all like those and quite a bit more complicated in their design. I’ve never seen anything like these modelled, in any scale. That said, they shouldn’t be too hard to fashion and I’m looking forward to giving it a go in N scale.

Of course, the detail here is so much more than just the stops themselves. Look at how they’re not really aligned with the rails (thank heavens they’re bolted in place!). As I described earlier, this siding is still in use but in a much more constricted version than originally in place. I suspect that in operations, it’s used as an aid when sorting cars for the feed mill that the longer siding still serves. Since it’s not as heavily used, it is sinking a little more deep into the earth and the ballast isn’t in as good condition. In warmer weather, it’s probably a little overgrown. I didn’t move that plastic wrap when taking the photo. It’s another detail important to this scene and yet another that I’ve never seen replicated on a model railway.


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