Invista. Thanks Eric.

Yesterday I posted a photo of a decommissioned railway crossing in Moncton and mentioned that it was a detail that is often a part of modern industrial trackage. As common a detail as it is, it’s one I’ve never included in a model railway I’ve built and can’t recall seeing on other layouts either.

In a comment on that original post, Trackside Trains’ Eric posted a terrific example from his area. Since it was a really terrific example but in a very different landscape I wanted to share it here for everyone to see. Here are two screenshots from Google Streetview showing the crossing and then zooming in just a little to show how the siding was capped. This plant is still in operation and scrolling around what I could see from Streetview, there are a lot of cars on the property.

Invista Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario

Detail of the Invista Entrance Kingston, Ontario

Detail of the Invista Entrance
Kingston, Ontario

If this link works, it should take you to and the location of Invista:

I think this siding along with a sample of some of the nearby tracks could become the beginning of a terrific, modern era, switching layout. It’s generic enough to fit anywhere and simple enough in composition to fit into many different North American locales.

Thanks Eric for sharing this location!


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