A spur by any other name, even it’s own…

The photos I’ve been posting lately were all taken along Beaverbrook Street in Moncton, New Brunswick. My curiousity about the area has inspired a bit of digging around to learn more about this particular spur and Moncton’s other industrial trackage. If I understand correctly, this spur is called the Franklin Spur. It’s a part of CN’s Gort Subdivision. With these two details discovered, I’m starting to discover all sorts of terrific photos and even some video shot along the spur.

Following is a terrific video shot on the Franklin Spur. Many of the things that I discovered over the weekend appear in this video. What was so great to see was how the crews worked the trackage along this spur. It is a terrific education in prototype practices in areas like this and many of these lessons I can apply to my layout.

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  1. Looking back at these old posts, it’s definitely a very modellable setting.

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