Royalty Junction section houses 1988

I was looking through some PEI railway photos and came across this one I took of the two section houses in Royalty Junction.
RoyaltyJunction sheds 1988
If I remember correctly the yellow one was removed by CN, by rail. I don’t know what ever became of the speeder shed and always just assumed it was demolished on site.

They were both placed inside the wye in the same area where the original station had stood. We’re facing north and those tracks in front are the Souris subdivision.



  1. Cool little structures there, Chris. I know that CP constructed some of their wooden rural stations to be delivered by flat car to their trackside locations, or removed for re-use elsewhere.

    It was Starbucks Frappy Hour on our vacation, so half-price fraps 3-5 pm. Cool and calorie-laden. Good thing it was for a limited time only!

    Back in the land of the chilly,

    1. We’ve been enjoying Starbuck’s Frappy Hour here, well my girls have been.

      Royalty Junction’s structures are pretty neat in that they have all been moved at least once in their lives. That section house was originally a flag station at Watervale on the Murray Harbour subdivision. The yellow bunk house was a CN portable structure. It arrived on a flat car and left the same way. The original station was moved to it’s current location in Greenvale.

      Of course, on PEI, CN was just following in line with Islander’s talent for moving individual structures and whole towns when needed.

  2. Hi, Chris:

    I believe the photo is looking (railway) south rather than north… the curved tracks in the foreground are the Souris Sub… the section shed doors faced the Souris Sub. The Borden Sub./ Royalty Spur tracks at this location were straight.

    The yellow shed sat on top of the station’s foundation, and occupied the former location of its waiting room.

    Great photo… for some reason I never documented these structures despite hours spent waiting for trains beside them.

    Steve Hunter

    1. Hi, Steve

      You’re right, that is the Souris sub and we’re looking mostly west toward Borden.

      I wish I had taken more photos of the other sides of these two buildings, every I have is a variation of this shot. I remember being inside both, on the invitation of CN crews, but again never thought to attempt a photo or two.

      It never occured to me that the yellow building sat on the station’s foundation. At the time I had only a vague idea about the station itself and not made that connection.

      I have a few more photos of these buildings and the trains moving past and will try and get them on a scanner sooner rather than later.

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