That RSC13 sideframe set? It’s in the mail.

Time for an exciting project update on the RSC13 sideframe set: the first test print is on its way to me now!

Shapeways was able to succesfully print my first set of four RSC13 sideframes. They were packaged yesterday and are in the mail to me today.

Since submitting the most recent iteration of the drawing, I’ve been making some minor changes to the drawing to tidy up some details and finalise the design. This way I’ll have these final details resolved before the test print arrives. If all goes well and the sideframes are workable, I’ll just update the current drawing file at Shapeways with my latest iteration and then these will be available.

So, sometime next week I’ll be able to post a photo of a HO scale Kato RSC2 with one of these sideframes fitted and I’ll also have some notes on how to install and detail them avaible too. I’ll also be uploading and sharing the files for the TT (1/120) and N (1/160) versions of this truck too.


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