Always wetter before it dries out

It’s raining here in Charlottetown and everyone seems to have found a book to read, a craft project to work on, or some other pursuit to indulge in. My effort has been to get the rest of the track ballasted on my layout.

I spent a lot of time tamping and dressing all this fresh ballast around so none was on top of the ties and absoloutely none was going to wind up glued to the sides of the rails. I always think it funny to have so diligently invested patience into getting it all ready and then I start fogging it with water and glue. The photo above was taken only a few minutes ago and it shows things as they are right now. I like to keep the area I’m working on quite wet so everything is saturated and eventually the glue soaks in nicely. However, there is always a time like the one right now where I’m raising my mug of tea and saying a quiet prayer that once again I get away with this approach.

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  1. Be on lookout for high water at Mileage 0.1 and report same to Rail Traffic Controller if encountered :)

    • Ha!!

      It seems like a lot of rural branchlines were laid in a way where spring time flooding was just a fact of life. Until you mentioned it, I never realised how realistic my modelling had become. Of cousre, now I’m worried that someone’s going to start asking questions about the glue spillage and where all this is coming from?

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