St. Johnsbury – great to be back

St Johnsbury, Vermont - July 2014
The last time I stood here in this parking lot I was watching a New Hampshire and Vermont RS11 switching some covered hoppers in a very overgrown yard. That trip was all about tracing the Lamoille Valley’s line as well as the CP’s Vermont trackage out of Newport. I arrived in St. Johnsbury and stopped at McDonald’s for a coffee and a Big Mac. I never expected to be eating it, sat on the hood of my trusty Honda Prelude watching that Alco working away.

That memory is high on my list of favourite railfanning moments so when our vacation road trip last week brought me back to St. Johnsbury I was pretty excited to get back down into the yard. I was surprised to see the work completed on the station and some new buildings around the yard. The yard itself was in terrific shape with lots of fresh ballast, new ties, and good rail. No trains to watch and certainly no Alco’s kicking cars around but it felt terrific to have been offered a chance to get back.

Here are a few other photos I took last week. Enjoy.


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