Simple and complete

It’s been a busy few weeks here and I regret not having the time for the layout that I’d like to have. Even those fifteen to twenty minute work or operating sessions seem a bit elusive. Reflecting on this I’ve been thinking a lot about those designers and model railway builders who’ve been such terrific advocates for simpler layouts.

When I started this layout last March I remember commenting that I couldn’t imagine starting something larger. In fact, part of me is grateful that I started something as big as it is since it has provided me with a moment or two to realise that I could have made it smaller and simpler still and it would be just as enjoyable. The layout I have is an “instant on” one. I can plug it in and run a session switching a few cars. It’s easy to achieve this and that feels terrific. I feel that I can just as easily build a model for the layout and feel like I’ve really achieved something meaningful.

I’ve posted several times about products that I’d like to use again on future layouts and here I am committing to an attitude: keep the design simple and focussed. Don’t be afraid to produce less if that means that you are focussing more on what makes you happy.


  1. Very well said indeed! Hope your time frees up so you can get to the layout even more, but it’s so nice to hear that “it’s ready to go” when you are. Some folks never get to that point, no matter the size of the layout.

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