RSC13 sideframe – excellent photos of the production version

My friend Steve Hunter was kind enough to order a set of the RSC13 sideframes I’m offering on Shapeways and then take some terrific photos of how awesome they look. These are printed in Shapeways Frosted Ultra Detail (plastic). Thanks to the magic of a macro lense he was able to really zoom in on the parts. The grain appears but just check out the detail and how well those equalisers look. I know it sounds silly since I drew these but I’m really proud of how they turned out and how well the details rendered. Check out those bolts, the way the equalisers are proud of the truck frame, and the detail on the face of the brake cylinder.

The photo I had shared earlier showed my first test print. Since that arrived I tidied up the drawing and added that eyebrow casting just above the centre journal box. I also hollowed out the back of the journal boxes. Steve pointed out that on only one of the journals the post that I used to “drill” out the back of the journal re-appeared in the test print. I will correct this on the file at Shapeways and want to apologize (here and now) to anyone who has a set where this appears. It’s only a minor issue and one that is easily fixed on the finished part in seconds with a knife but I wanted to address it.

Thanks to Steve for letting me share his photos here on Prince Street.

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