N scale sw1200rs sideframes

A clip-on replacement for the Life-Like N scale switcher trucks to convert the stock sideframes with a pair of Flexicoil ones and bring us one step closer to an N scale sw1200rs. I’ve just uploaded the CAD work for these sideframes to Shapeways. Here’s their preview photo showing the sideframes:

N scale sw1200rs sideframes

The listing showing the sideframes is here:

These are direct replacement parts for the ones the Life-Like sw8, sw9, and sw1200 come with. I’ve designed the basic truck frame to exactly match the Life-Like truck. Life-Like did a beautiful job with their truck. A few times, the minimum wall thickness for Shapeways was a little thicker than Life-Like’s so you may have to do a little filing to tidy up the finished part. Some small diameter hoses and rods can not be printed so are not included. I have included a silhouette of the brake shoes but they are not in line with the wheels (neither are Life-Like’s, for what it’s worth).

I’ve been day-dreaming about this project for a very long time. It’s neat to be on the cusp of completing it. I expect to order a test soon and as soon as it arrives and I’m comfortable with the quality I’ll open it up for sale.

3 thoughts on “N scale sw1200rs sideframes

    1. Great idea. I can do that.

      I would do these to match the Atlas Classic GP and not the earlier Atlas-Kato trucks.

      I’ll try and get these done this week and I will order a test set along with the ones for the sw1200.


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