Static grass day one

I’ve never used static grass products before but really wanted to give them a try. To this end, I purchased a tub of Woodland Scenics burnt grass fibers and last night thought I’d have a go. Here’s the first few inches.

I don’t have the proper static grass applicator yet so what I’ve done was done using various methods ranging from simply sprinkling the fibers on to daubing in clumps. I’m pleased at the result of this first go but think it could be much better. I’ve been watching some YouTube video as well as reading some print articles describing homemade static grass applicators and I’m going to have a go at making one up.

It’s neat to try something new. In addition to learning how to use this grass I find even this short section serves to remind me of how much I need to be more aggressive in the track weathering department. I want to soften the contrast between the stone and the grass.


  1. It’s looking good, Chris. I just looked at your “home layout” page on this blog and you’ve obviously made a lot of progress since you created that page. Any chance of an update with some more overall photos of the layout you’re building? I’m sure others would also be interested…
    – Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

    1. Thanks. I do need to update the page and hope to do so over the next week. I’ve made some great progress and changed some things since that page was started. Stay tuned!

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