Tempo hoods in N and coming soon in HO

N scale Tempo RS18 short hood and long hood end now available on Shapeways.

Last week I finished the CAD design to print a short hood and long hood end for one of CN’s RS18 Tempo diesels. These ends are designed to fit onto a Atlas or Kato N scale RS11 shell. Simply cut off the old and glue on the new. These ends can be used on models of 3150, 3152, 3154, and 3155. 3151 and 3153 were involved in wrecks and when rebuilt had their HEP generators removed so the detailing on the top of the hood was changed. I’ll be adding a different hood end for these two units.

I’m a pretty big fan of these and have wanted a pair for some time. The pair I’m particularly interested in are 3152 and 3154 since both have served in both Tempo and GO Transit service. I’ve blogged about the prototypes often here on Prince Street and most of those posts should be tagged with “Tempo” so searching for them should be easy. For more information, check out the CN SIG’s page:


  1. Hi Chris,
    You are developing quite a roster of products on Shapeways! How does Shapeways work for ordering? Would I be able to advertise your products on Trackside Treasure or perhaps publicize on the Can Model Trains Yahoogroup – to advise modellers of the availability of these products?
    Congratulations on your hard work and success,

    1. Thanks Eric!

      Shapeways ordering works much the same as any online retailer. Once your order is placed, they add it to a production queue. Your payment isn’t processed until the part has been successfully printed and only if it is successfully printed (I like this).

      I have all these model railway detail parts that I’ve always thought someone should make. I thought maybe I could help out by trying to see what could be developed using the Shapeways platform. I hope some of these parts help get a few more models of Canadian prototypes built since it really fuels any arguments we make inviting more manufacturers into our world.

      Take a look at those RSC13 sideframes. Inside and outside equalizer beams. This production medium offers some new opportunities that are more difficult to leverage using traditional production methods.

      Stay tuned for N scale steam generators and, more importantly, AMT power packs. Some modellers are already offering ideas for new things to draw. I love designing the parts so let me know what you think we should have. The only rules are that I don’t want to overlap on anyone else’s production. We need to grow and not just stratify.

  2. Chris,

    Did you ever convert your Tempo hood to HO scale? I came across a new Atlas RS-11 and it started me down the path of possibly buying one to convert to a CN Tempo RS-18. I have very fond memories of the Tempo service as I rode it many times from Woodstock as a kid.

    My next challenge of course would be to find something suitable to use as those Hawker Sidney cars with the distinctive outboard brakes that stick in my head to this day.

    1. Hi. I thought that I had made those available in HO but searching my Shapeways store it appears that I never did. Sorry.

      Those H-S cars would be awesome! I’d like some either for Tempo service or equally as much decorated for AMT from where I remember riding them on commuter trains.


      1. I could not believe in my searching around that those very same cars that I rode in early 70s are still in service today on the Algoma Central’s Agawa Canyon Tour Train. Thanks for the tip about AMT using them I didn’t know that.

  3. Thanks for the links. I see the AMT cars where actually the former GO train single level cars. The Tempo Service cars were specially built for the Tempo as fast lightweight aluminum coaches for the higher speed intercity service.


    I so remember the red doors and disk brakes. Being 7 yrs old those shiny brake disks really stood out at eye level. LOL.

    1. Yes. You’re absoloutely correct. The Tempo cars went to Rio Grande for Ski Train service.

      The AMT cars are former GO coaches. Though similar, not at all the same beast. Sorry for the mistake and thank you for the correction.


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