CP plywood-sheathed van in N scale

CPR Van 436980-437264 preview no scale
This is another of those projects I’ve wanted to try for a while. I love these plywood-sheathed CP vans (cabooses). Over the years I’ve often kitbashed stand-in versions based on the Bachmann, Model Power, or AHM three window, end-cupola cabooses by blanking out the extra windows in the body and cupola. While I’ve liked every one I’ve done they all are missing the proportions of the prototype.

This model is designed to fit exactly on an Atlas or similar end-cupola caboose floor. This helps keep the costs down and if you select a newer production model, like the Atlas Trainman version, you not only get the floor but some nice, low-profile wheels, and Micro-Trains compatible couplers. I have included the railings as moulded on parts. With no real extra details required, all the modeller should have to do on receiving the model is to clean and prepare it for paint, paint, and finally rub on some classic CDS dry transfer lettering for these vans.


    1. Thanks

      You’re correct. Kaslo did make a kit for this same van (or close enough as far as I’m concerned). I haven’t been able to find one for sale and it appears that they may have been out of production for some time. If one ever becomes available, I’m certainly interested.

      I like the multimedia approach in the Kaslo kit combining etched metal parts alongside their resin castings. I have every confidence that their kit yields a beautiful model.

  1. I was wondering if any of the CP vans/cabooses/cabeese have been printed yet. I’m very interested in ordering some. The renderings look amazing and it would be great to have some very prototypical CP caboose like this. Thanks so much for designing this!
    Kelli Jones
    San Diego, CA

    1. Several have been printed by customers and I did one for myself. Unfortunately I really messed up while painting mine and further damaged the model trying to strip the paint.

      I will note that the sides are thin and will benefit from a bit of material added inside for a bit more strength.

      I’m still very proud of these models. They, in particular, represent something I wanted and couldn’t find elsewhere. I liked how well thinning out the shell just around the windows made flush glazing almost possible and using a typical N scale caboose floor (e.g. Atlas) kept the cost down and gets in service a bit more quickly.

      Let me know if there’s anything I can help with.


      1. Thanks so much, Chris. The caboose looks fantastic and is something I’ve been looking for but nobody made to be prototypical correct for CP. Thanks so much for doing the design.

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