Product updates

I’m pretty excited to share updates on a few of the new models in my Shapeways store. Of all the parts I’m adding in, I have a few that are very personal and have been on my own “to do” or “geez, why doesn’t someone make XYZ?” list for a very long time. Here goes:

CP plywood sheathed van
These are my favourite cabooses. This one is designed to fit on a standard N scale caboose frame such as Atlas have been selling under their Santa Fe end cupola van since the beginning of time. I really wanted a one piece replacement shell that was somewhere between a foobie CP van from the Atlas catalogue and the Kaslo kit. I believe I’ve hit the mark here. I can’t wait to see this one in paint.

CN transfer van
This thing is beautiful. I’m very pleased with how well it turned out. I have it sitting on my layout right now, still in its raw plastic state and I still can’t believe I’m seeing it. I’ve scratchbuilt a few of these in HO scale but this is further than I’ve ever gotten with an N scale version.

Flexicoil trucks
Finally!! Several test prints and iterations later I have one that works perfectly. It’s tiny and fragile but fits on the stock Life-Like sw1200 truck perfectly. I know Micro Trains have one on the way and I don’t want to overlap their production but I’m going to go ahead and release mine for sale. One interesting detail that I don’t have resolution on for these trucks is in regard to the brake cylinders. The Life-Like sw1200 has these wide gussets at the step wells and the cylinders hit them on tight curves. To do a Canadian unit you’d need to file these guessets back so I’m not so worried but they do take the edge off the of easy conversion I was hoping for.

RSC13 parts
I dropped off two pairs of RSC13 hood ends and a set of trucks to Taylor last night. I see on Facebook that he has paint on the first shell. I can’t wait to see a pair of these running in a couple of weeks. Wow!!


In all this has been a welcome break at a time in the hobby where I’m trying to find a direction for my modelling.


  1. I am hoping the new generation of 3D printed parts and models will help to encourage more modellers to actually try modelling- this technology is finally at the point where it can bring products to the market that would never be possible with mass production.

    Sure, some finishing is needed, but with intelligently designed parts like yours, the actual labour is less than we used to expect with many of the kits in the 80s and before.

    Way to go, Chris!


    1. Thanks Steve. This means a lot to me.

      I’m really thrilled to see these parts. It probably sounds silly since I’m designing them, but I still get excited when I see one for the first time. What I think is even more neat is how other modellers are starting models that incorporate these parts.

      I’ve already seen photos of what might well be the first Tempo RS18 in N scale and I know Taylor has that pair of RSC13’s underway in his workshop. It’s projects like this that really make me feel pretty fantastic about this excercise. My goal is to find parts that might make modelling and modelling Canadian prototypes just that little bit easier.

      I’m having so much fun with this stuff!

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